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3 AUGUST 2005

Description of current generation phenomenon by closing the feet circuit with irritating conductive plate and hypothesis about its physiological effect.

Physiological Effect of Described Phenomenon.

One of hypothesis explaining physiological effect of this mechanism of electric current generation by humans - it is a possible consumption of generated electric energy by central brain structures. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that nerves impulse has electric nature, and the electric circuit, formed by closure of circuit between the feet, is possible large enough and includes perceptive structures of central nervous system. The latter, in response to peripheral signal, also form excitement centers accompanied by depolarization o neuron membranes, generation of potential difference, EMF and, as a result, micro-currents. It is quite logical that the nervous system, which uses neuron as working unit, generating the nerves impulse of electric nature, electric energy of low modality is not indifferent and will be consumed by relevant structures. The most possible «consumers» include:

  • Reticular formation, what explains the consumer's pointing to better health, weakness relief, better working ability
  • Limbic structures, what correlated with improvement of emotional sphere and motivation increase by those using the applicator regularly
  • Hypothalamic structures, what may cause effective headaches relief, connected with vascular dystonia and meteopathic vegetative reactions.

The summary effect of impact on these structures might increase the watch level (consciousness, attention, concentration ability, effective and situational reactions etc.), energization of adaptation mechanisms and improvement of all organs and systems regulation.

Pandiculation Reflex

The fact of EMF increase by pandiculation is interesting. At that, when a probationer pointed to a pleasure feeling, accompanying the pandiculation act, EMF rose on the graph higher than in case, when there was no such indication.
Taking into account the described facts we can take as working hypothesis the one about conductivity increase of CNS structures, included in the circuit formed during the experiment, due to the production of endorphins therein, which present bio-chemical analogue of subjective perception of pleasure.
The EMF registration experiment during pandiculation act was based on the above mentioned data about consumers' indication on number of pandiculation within a day in the process of using metal applicators, what was also previously noted. [3]

The act itself or reflex of pandiculation (both terms can be found in books), typical not only to humans but to many vertebrates as well, is considered by the authors as rather interesting, little studied and underestimated phenomenon in respect of its physiological effect. The hypothesis about sanogenetic role of this behavioral act/reflex in relation to pathological and premorbid conditions of spine seem quite earnest. We know experiment on electric stimulation of this reflex [6]
It is known that many physiotherapy exercises, developed in ancient times and nowadays, include exercises for spine stretching by back muscles, as it happens during pandiculation.

Different methods of dry and water extension are well-known, widely used and have already proved their efficiency by degenerative spine diseases.
We suppose that the natural spine extension mechanism is a physiological basis of these current treatment methods. It is a complex reflector behavioral act realized arbitrarily in response to impulsive urges. The nature of these urges – impulsation from sensitive to hypoxia receptors, presumably situated in perivertebral tissues. Its physiological effect is confirmed by «endorphin remuneration», expresses by subjective perception of pandiculation as act accompanied by pleasure (eating food gets similar "remuneration", the reproduction behavior and other most significant biological processes).

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