The regularity of osteochondrosis

Natural power station
of the central nervous system

     The effect is based on the fact that the morning amount of electric vitamins® increases your organism’s sensitivity to hypoxia. It appears as the rapid reaction of the nervous system when your posture is incorrect. Stretching reflex normalizes circulation of the blood in the backbone and works out endorphins. As the result you feel better, your watch level and your physical activity level are higher.
     This protection method is for the busiest people, because it doesn’t take any minute of your spare time. Of course if only they have habit to clean their teeth. Five minutes on Dr. Redox rug are the same as if you have taken a 3 hours walk barefoot on grass. It fills up the physiological shortage of electric vitamins in a big city.

     As the author of this habit thinks he has been testing this method for 13 years and that is why he doesn’t have grey hair or alopecia.