The regularity of osteochondrosis

Natural power station
of the central nervous system
     From Newton’s law F=mg the backbone is getting shorter and as the result you suffer from osteochondrosis.
     In Redox scientific laboratory the natural mechanism of withstanding the Newton’s law was discovered and the new way to protect your backbone against osteochondrosis was worked out. The most important thing about this is that it does not take any second time.
     The method is based on the following:
     1.  Electric currents are worked out while you walk barefoot on grass;
     2.  Stretching reflex is the sanogenetic mechanism of backbone stretching;
     3.  The regularity of osteochondrosis was figured out: as more currents or electric vitamins® are worked out the more often you stretch yourself, the backbone is also being stretched. Your backbone and your organism are protected.
     The method itself is very simple – this is the habit to clean ones teeth staying on spiny electro conductive Dr.Redox rug (invention patent number 2146122). The spiny electrodes of Dr.Redox rug convert the gravity into the electric vitamins®. Electric vitamins stimulate stretching reflex. Stretching reflex stretches the backbone. Newton works vs. Newton. Next