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Therapy of doctor Redox
Universal Rehabilitation System ATAS ®

We offer to publish the English version of the book "Dr. Redox Therapy - ATAS" - the main edition of the publishing project sold with the biostimulator "ANTISTRESS" (sticked to the cover) is partly published on our site.


Using the ATAS® system every day, you adopt your organism to any climatic, environmental and psychoemotional changes, your health does not response to the influence of any magnetic storms any more.

Doctors with various specialities and scientific workers are invited to take part in the International Health Project ATAS® on a competitive basis.

Telephone / Fax: +7 (8312) 36-86-17

After you have read this book, you will get to know:

  • what redox currents are and how they have been discovered;
  • who Doctor Redox is and where he is from;
  • how to walk barefoot on the grass without leaving your flat;
  • how to adjust yourself to magnetic storms;
  • how to remove pain without taking any pills;
  • how you should wash your face and hands;
  • how to overcome any stress and depression;
  • how to remove any tension, strain and tiredness;
  • how to get rid of wrinkles and slow down aging process and many other secrets about youth and health.


"Redox" is a term generally accepted in the whole world that means two opposite physical processes: reduction and oxidation. This term is in its way a scientific symbol of equilibrium, unity and conflict of opposites, law of energy conservation. If two electrons are given away in one process, two electrons are received in another process. The Chinese medicine has a similar philosophic concept "in' - yan". "In' - yan" mean that all things and phenomena in the nature have two interopposite and interconditional principles. "Yan" symbolises a male principle and such notions, as the day, light, fire, good. "In'" symbolises a female principle and such notions as the night, cold, darkness, , water. "Redox" is a scientific synonym of "in' - yan". "Redox processes" proceed in our organism with the rate of million times per second. This maintains the internal medium in an organism permanent including acid-alkali equilibrium (blood pH = 7.4 - the middle between acid and alkali). This is one of the major condition of keeping young and healthy.


  • Doctor Redox is a scientist who studies national health and sanitation traditions and has maintained a doctor's thesis on the subject "Redox".
  • A doctor of Doctor Redox is a doctor who works under the methods of Doctor Redox.


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